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Mallory is a firecracker. She's all about adventure and investigation, always the intrepid globetrotter digging deep into her world's nooks and crannies for some new story to live out.

She's tenacious and stubborn, rarely aware of whatever danger she thrusts herself into. Once a goal is set, come hail or high water, God willing and creek don't rise, she's going to get what she's after.


CYRUS the Gravedigger

Cyrus is the mysterious man that lives in a cabin in the woods. Mallory discovers him while on the trail of a cryptic poem written by her mother about the Dreaming Tree.


Animus is the new leader of the Milk Carton Kids, and has an old beef with Ava, who was the founder of the wild group. She's on the hunt for the Dreaming Tree, as well.


Eve Parker is Mallory's teacher at Cloud Academy. She's a spunky young thing, if not a bit cynical, but she's very intelligent and is always willing to offer her expertise to Mal.


Delmar tries to be the resident bully, but doesn't quite have the heart to actually hurt anyone. He really just wants to be appreciated, and he'll work himself to death to prove his worth.


Moonblush Village and its surrounding towns--all part of Nightdrift County--are quite infested with interesting characters. With madcap bohemians living in the tent city at Ladder Bluffs, eclectic traveling merchants that set up shop at the Alabaster Market, the Hermit of Crier Cave, and the hard-nosed Crime Watch Homemakers, among many others, this cozy forest town is a veritable who's who of strange folks and their stories.